Thursday, June 6, 2013

Uber Udaipur

Day 6 : Odo reading 1900 kms

By the time our bodies recovered from the thrashing of the roads it had endured it was late in the evening, Setu came up with another brilliant Idea, to go to Udaipur (and chill out) which was around 40 kms away, We started out pretty late in the evening and when we reached Udaipur, the darkness of the night had already taken over the clear bright skies.

On our way to Udaipur we encountered twisty roads as that of hilly parts in India, There was this temple where the travellers offered fruits and flowers to the the deities to keep them safe during the journey (this tradition is countrywide, I remember the same in Sathyamangalam Ghat). As we rode thru this road we could see the city lights of Udaipur from a distance.
Udaipur palace with Lake in the Foreground
We caught up with some local friends of Setu, Mr Mayank and Mr Abhi, Both were very kind to us and took us on a city tour (believe me, when you have local knowledge the city is very different) and introduced us to their friends, Before we knew it we were rolling with seven guys, who took us thru every nook and corner of the city.

Udaipur is and will remain one of the best cities I have been to, With its heritage permanently intact and preserved in literally everything you see. The udaipur lake has a road which encircles it ( we respected the Biker oath and raced around it), later we went this hookah bar on top of a three story building with open terrace, We had the best view in town and could see the whole of Udaipur lake.

After we finished this city tour, it was time to return to our hotel room in Rajsamand, this simple task became a gigantum one cause we were all drunk and it was almost early morning( we forgot that mercury drops rapidly during night and did not take any jackets ) so by the time we reached our room, we were all shivering hard with no words coming out of our mouth.

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