Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crossing of Cancer

Day 7: Odo Reading 2000 kms

And it was time to leave Rajasthan, we continued our southward journey after all the goodbyes and hugs (Setu and his friends) we started our engines to the sound of which we were so addicted to now and straddled ourselves on the seats to chase the clouds over the highway. This time we were on the  NH-8 which connects Delhi with Mumbai.

The road was carved out of the stone mountains that surround this area, weaving its way through the granite walls (or should I say Marble), We dropped a gear and disappeared into the horizon with sweeping landscapes and twisty highway which comes as a boon when compared to straight stretches of road elsewhere in this state.

On our way we encountered countless tollgates since this was 'pay and use' highway network but we were happy that they don't charge two wheelers ( I should praise Indian Government for this) we ended up saving quite a lot on this whole trip. Once we crossed the border there was a sense of relief from the heat (as though nature made all these boundaries), Finally our bikes needed a oil change since we had covered almost 2000 kms since we left Delhi hence we stopped at some roadside mechanic shop filled them up with sparkling new oil and started again.


Somewhere along this journey we crossed Tropic of Cancer, it is 'The line' which specifies IST (Indian Standard Time) but for us, time was simply a non existent entity ( In accordance with the biker oath, we did not wear watches) it was either day or night thats all the 'time' we knew. As we rolled along this magnificent highway the thoughts inside our brain ceased to exist, it was just the reality of the present situation that filled our mind with little or no regard to what is going to happen next or that happened in the past, This state of mind can only be achieved either thru meditation or hurtling yourself at 100 kmph down an empty stretch of highway, obviously we chose the later.

It was late in the noon by the time we reached Ahmedabad, too polluted a city I should say. We found a place on the outer ring road to stay, kept our bags and began roaming the streets. Ahmedabad is a peculiar place where one can find Paan shop as huge as a restaurant ( not kidding, and the expensive paan costs like 400 INR) we gently smiled at this custom and set out to buy us some booze, Gowda then exclaimed that it was Gujarat, the liquor free state, hearing this our hearts sank, But there was still hope to find some bootlegger, After scanning the streets and with no luck finding anything we retired to our hotel. What a Bummer !!

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