Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting ourselves and our Motorcycles Ready

Our train tickets are now booked and we are two months away from departure, so now was the time to get ready for the journey we had to keep ourselves fit for this momentous trip, we knew that it ain't gonna be easy riding our bikes (300~400 kms a day) for 12 days straight hence we decided to jog and workout (of course with a bit of starting trouble unlike our bikes) we did manage to exercise and improve our stamina so that we won't faint during the trip.

One month before the D-day, we thought it was time to service our bikes and fix them ( we did not want to spend time during the trip on repairing something which we could have fixed beforehand). I chose my beloved Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI (which Gowda thought was a bad idea and later you will find out how it became a saviour) the bike which I truly trusted and knew that she could make the trip without any hiccups and took it to my family mechanic, yes family mechanic as he services all the bikes of my family, Mr Ajaz a friendly mechanic who does not blow your pockets and makes sure that only parts which really need to be replaced gets replaced unlike most of the mechanics who trick you into changing parts for their own benefit.

When my bike was being serviced, I got a call from Gowda that his bike also needs some surgery (his bike was still  in Mysore so it was my duty to take it to Delhi) this was a very difficult task as his bike was at his parents place and he did not tell them about this whole journey, So we hatched a plan (which involves lying as usual) saying that Roopak (our classmate and a very good friend) needs the bike as his bike is not usable.
This plan worked and we had Gowda's bike Hero Honda Karizma in our hands.

As we were riding back home(from Mysore to my town Nanjangud) a drunken guy on the steering wheel of a Maruti Esteem tried to dodge us, this was unacceptable and we tried to stop him to which he did not respond, The guy who was riding with me Mr Mohan alias chingy took out a chain and smashed his windscreen which stopped him on his tracks and the man driving the car realised what was happening and tried to stop us (now we wouldn't stop, would we).

After this eventful ride we finally reached Mr Ajaz's garage and gave the bike for service, Two days later both our bikes were in perfect condition and ready to take on the challenge, As for us we were still jogging and readying ourselves thinking  if only we could repair our body like these machines.

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