Friday, June 21, 2013

Salaam Bombay !

Day 8 : Odo reading 2250 Kms

We got up to see the smoked filled Horizon over the dusty land with all the chimneys protruding into the sky from the factories making Gujarat Vibrant indeed, We headed down south, our destination Mumbai, the economic capital and the powerhouse of India. We started out very early in the morning since we had to travel around 600 kms to reach Mumbai before nightfall.

This was infact the most treacherous part of the whole journey because of the trucks and cars zooming on it at breakneck speeds with no respect to road discipline, to top that Gowda had taken some pills for the common cold which made him really drowsy and wavy on the road. The temperature was hovering between 39 to 40' celsius and humidity was literally killing us, without being distracted by all this we hit the gas and started rolling and soon there was a roadblock, it seems that the corridor between Ahmedabad and Vadodara is not open for two wheelers so we had to stick to the single lane country roads which were brimmed with super heavy trucks (since they are also not allowed) we somehow managed to evade all the traffic to reach vadodara by early afternoon after that it was just miles and miles of empty road for us to play with.

During this part Mr Gowda somehow dozed off on his bike and kind of ended up under a truck, Gopi was awake enough to avert a disaster (Mr Gopi has in fact saved my life once on the same tone where I dozed off) after all this we thought it will be a very good time for a break hence we stopped at a fancy roadside restaurant to have our lunch, I won't comment on the food but the lassi was heavenly, I haven't had anything as such in my life till then or ever after that.

With our stomach's full and the bikes getting their share of petrol we were rolling again on this super big 6-lane road and crossed Narmada river to enter Vapi, as you come down south you will feel the humidity rising to signal the approaching sea. It was late in the evening when we crossed the border and one can see what the dry state does to the people living there, The Maharashtra side of the border is filled with liquor shops and bars to quench the thirst of Gujaratis who travel hundreds of miles just to drink.

As we rode thru, it was pretty late in the night so we  abandoned the plan to take refuge in Mumbai and instead stayed on the outskirts of it. This was the day we rode around 600 kms and cheated death, Time to celebrate (i.e to get the bottles out).

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  1. iree man.....seems like your having a whale of a time,lassi and then rolling again and again....nice to read that yous had an eventful journey so far and more to roll in..and cheating death sounds scary bro...u take care and belated happy birthday...tried loads to get thru on your phone..peace bro