Saturday, June 1, 2013

Start of the journey...

Like I always say 'No plan is the best plan' it all started one afternoon late summer of 2010, we had just finished our engineering(Did not get placed so was wondering what to do) when I got a call from my friend(Rakshith alias Gowdru ) who was studying in New Delhi as we were some 10 minutes into the conversation, he said that he was planning to come back during october to Mysore and he jokingly mentioned that we could ride back from Delhi if I could make it, after giving it a few moments it dawned on us that we could actually make it i.e ride our motorcycles all the way from Delhi to Mysore and not just catch the highway and keep riding kind of stuff but detour and explore the area thingy(which accounted to 5000 kms we travelled), this was the day when we decided to take our beloved bikes from Mysore to Delhi on a train and start the journey from there.

So the planning was all done and now we wanted to know how many of our friends would join us on this once in a lifetime journey, so we passed the message around and shockingly nobody gave a s**t and told us either they were not ready or that they thought this was simply not possible, If only they had seen the Adidas ad 'Impossible is nothing' (lol) so finally my dear friend Gopinath alias Ct Gopinath alias Gopi gave the green signal without any pressure from me, which came as a pleasant surprise and interesting as Gopi did not know Gowda.

Ultimately it was three guys on a 8000 kms trip across India obviously this including 3000 kms we travelled on train, we booked our tickets in Rajdhani Express (which we thought was epitome of Indian Railways, and i'll tell you in later posts on how it f**ked us up) the stage was set to what would become the most torturing 12 days of our lives with little or no regard to cleanliness or hygiene. This was how it all began !

P.S: I created this blog to share my experience and obviously the story will continue and culminate in us riding back to Mysore,
Keerthi, Rakshith, Gopinath (left to right)

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