Saturday, June 1, 2013

A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step

The two bikes are serviced and ready for the challenge and so were we, one week before our departure it was time to send our bikes to New Delhi so me and Mr Vivian alias Yesu took both the bikes to Mysore city railway station to ship the bikes but found out that they had stopped parcel service to New Delhi as Commonwealth games were going on and it was some security risk ( I still don't know what this security risk meant, I still believe it was security threat to them making money, corrupt bastards) now it was change of plans, We shipped our bike to next nearest destination i.e Jaipur which is around 200 kms from Delhi so now we had to go to Delhi take a train from there to Jaipur and return to Delhi, But all is well and we had it all resolved.

Now was the D-day, We had to catch Rajdhani express from Bangalore which departs at 8 in the evening, So me and Gopi started early from Nanjangud( A town 24 kms south of Mysore) as it was Mysore Dasara and we expected the public transportation system to be clogged. As a Chinese proverb goes "a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step" hence we took that first step and  traveled  standing in a crowded train from Nanjangud to Mysore with all our luggage and helmets( It was a pain in the a**) as you could imagine a train filled to the brim and we hardly had place to move our heads.

But from Mysore to Bangalore it was a walk in the park as we took Shatabdi express which had all the creature comfort necessary for an average human being like me and I was even amazed to find a vacuum controlled commode in the toilet, I praised Indian Railways (which I would later withdraw) and got down in Bangalore or should I say Bengalooru.

As soon as we got down, I had this million dollar idea of going to KFC, which was right next door and we were both tired and hungry as hell. We finished eating and came back to railway station to board our train to New Delhi.We sat there waiting on Platform 8 for the doors of the train to open........

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