Saturday, June 1, 2013

Symbol of laav...Taj Mahal

Day 2: Odo reading 50 kms.

We started out from Jaipur early in the morning as our destination was around 250 kms away, Taj Mahal. I don't know why it captures the attention from people around the world but I think there are better heritage structures in India than this piece of mughal S**t, like for example the Tanjore temple or Mahabalipuram caves even Belur and halebid for that sake the list is never ending, Of all these heritage sites we chose Taj Mahal to be the world wonder.
Taj Mahal
The road was great as it was a newly built National Highway connecting Jaipur with Agra, It was a long and tiresome journey but on the way we found a lot of friendly daba's which served tasty aloo parathas, We rode on and reached Agra by afternoon and went straight to see Taj Mahal (which was over hyped) and was bored within 20 minutes when Gowda came up with a brilliant idea to go to Mcdonalds for which we all agreed.

Way back was bit of a daunting task as we stopped to see fatehpur sikri (another Mughal s**t) which we did not enter (we saw this from the highway) and started our journey back to Jaipur with the night setting in we were blasted with insects and some even managed to get into my mouth(yuck). We stopped at some checkpost on the way back and had Omelette and tea which was very filling for our tired bodies.

We reached Jaipur late in the night with Karizma refusing to start once on the way back(couldn't figure out why) but finally it did start and we made our way back to our hotel room, we had done 500 kms in a single day including some sightseeing and  were dead as zombies and went straight to bed with (as usual) a KF in hand.

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