Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jai ho...Jaipur

We boarded the early morning train to Jaipur from Delhi which left at around six, It was a 2hr journey in a comfy AC chair car which was very pleasant, We reached Jaipur late in the morning and went straight to retrieve our bikes which were lying there for quite a while now but we were astonished to hear that we had to pay around INR 50 for every hour that it was there in their shed, After all the dilly dallying  we had to cough up 2000 bucks just to get our bikes out of the station and it was no easy thing as Jaipur was dusty and the sweltering heat was killing us with mercury hovering around 45' celsius.

Day 1: odo reading zero.

We had our beloved bikes and just as we thought we'll go out for a spin, Gowda's bike got cornered by the traffic police but thankfully we had all the papers in hand and the guy let us go(thank god he did not catch me as I din't have any) now we had to find a place to stay in Jaipur so roamed about to find a cheap a** place without blowing our budget and zeroed in on this place quite close to the railway station which was pretty good except for the part that one cannot take any alcoholic beverages inside as he pointed out that it was next to a temple(what a bummer).

We put all our bags inside and set out to explore Jaipur, What a city it was! with pink colored walls and shops, which was painted this way to welcome some British bloke during the colonization, we made our way through the crowded streets to reach 'Hawa Mahal' which had like a zillion windows and they said that it helped to cool the palace during summer.
Hawa Mahal
From there we went to see the Jaipur fort which is like 10 kms outside the main city, the roads were weaving through the small hills that surrounded the city and the biking gene inside us came rushing with the twist of the wrist,accelerating down the road with wind gushing through our helmets to soothe our quest for speed, but the party did not last long as we reached our destination.
Jaipur Fort
The fort was accessible only by foot or on the elephants, We obviously chose to walk but got haggled by this so called "guide" and we fell for it.He explained that the king had dozens of wives and would sleep with the one who made the tastiest paan (What a sorting algorithm!) after this he went on to explain about Human sacrifice which took place there (and we were not interested in this, After the paan story) so we gave him 100 bucks as promised and took off on our bikes.

Coming back from the fort we found a road which lead to some hilltop nearby, as brave explorers we wandered into this unknown territory and were fazed by a group of girls driving a car up the same hill. So next episode is kind of a cliche as we raced them to the hilltop(trying to impress them but god knows why), When we reached the hilltop we could see the whole city of Jaipur(it was twilight and the city glimmered with lights, beautiful).

Returning from this awesome place we stumbled upon a lake palace which was not used for a long time and some said that it was abandoned.
Jaipur Lake Palace
After all this we retired for the day and picked up few bottles of KF strong and headed back to our hotel, but as it was banned there we had to sneak it in, Gopi and Gowda were master's of this art and somehow managed to get all the bottles inside. Jaipur was fascinating !

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