Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Operation 'Find Setu and kill him'

Day 6: Odo reading 1650 kms

We had planned that we will go straight to Rajsamand from Jaisalmer, since it was already 7 when we finished sight seeing around Jodhpur, I advised the boys that we will spend the night in Jodhpur to which they reluctantly agreed ( This was because Setu told us that Rajsamand was just 2 hrs away and we were on the verge of believing it).

We left Jodhpur early morning so that we could reach Rajsamand before 10, We caught the 'Abu Road' road (yes, the name of the place is Abu road) and kept on riding, Everything was smooth until google maps told us to take a right exit which was a village road( and potholes ridden) we put our trust in it and carried on. The road took us through the remote villages of Rajasthan but we were on track.

This journey was one of the most difficult part of the whole trip since the road was all broken and sun rays stung like hunter bees, We were all tired and came to know that it was not 2 hr ride from Jodhpur to Rajsamand but a nerve wracking 7 hrs trip, This was it, we decided to find and kill Setu once we laid our eyes upon him, If I had not objected to travel the previous night we would have been in deep S**t.

But we put all this behind and took on the road ahead, Thru the scenic Aravalli mountains of Rajasthan. Its one of the most picturesque part of the whole state with winding roads thru the hilltops suddenly we thought we were somewhere close to foothills of Himalayas with the temperature falling drastically.

The Kumbalgarh fort is hidden inside this forest, By the time we reached Rajsamand it was late afternoon, After the usual re union talks (involved beating Setu for his brilliant direction) we sat down for lunch in a roadside dhaba which Setu said was amazing and it did live upto the hype. Setu was officially forgiven because of the royal treatment he gave us (he booked a huge a** room, with LED lights and AC).

After the brilliant lunch it was time to take rest, We hung our jackets and threw our helmets only to fall dead on the soft mattresses.

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