Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yeh Dilli hey mere yaaar...

We were in the Indian Capital, home to around 12 million people, well thats more than the population of most of the countries in Europe! reached Gowda's place in New Rajendra nagar and there was no time to waste as we had to leave for Jaipur the following morning, so we took a fast track shower and got out of the house to explore Delhi, it was a very hot day reaching upwards of 40' celsius we took the metro to one place which I really did not want to miss "Qutub Minar" and I have to add that Delhi Metro was one of the finest in the world (after seeing quite a few in Europe).
Qutub Minar, Delhi

We finished our rounds around the place and took a metro to the central Secretariat, The nerve center of the Indian Corruption err Politics.
The Secretariat
It was a beautiful evening with sun setting in the clear skies with the secretariat in the foreground, Neither of which we could enjoy as we were totally exhausted by now but Gowda insisted that we walk down the road to see India Gate, we reached and it was breathtaking to see this monument in real life and that too illuminated in golden brown lights, 'Magical' is an understatement.
The majestic gate

We took the metro back home and god ! were we exhausted until someone came up with an idea of 'Beer' this recharged our senses and we bought a couple of cans( its cheaper in Delhi), sat on the sidewalk and started drinking to glory. I was a bit afraid as we were doing this in a busy area filled with cops but Gowda Reiterated that it was a common practice in Delhi and that nobody cares.

After all this,we went back to his apartment and booked ourselves a cab to pick us up at 5 in the morning ( we had to catch a train to Jaipur at 6 in the morning). A day in Delhi ended with a buzz in my brain !!

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