Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Three Kings

Day 4 : Odo reading 1300 kms

As we rode into Jaisalmer we could see girls on their scooty with face and hands completely covered with cloth (not burqa), it was a norm in this part of the world, where the sun burns your skin down but we couldn't help comparing this with girls back home(Mysore and Bangalore) where the weather is pleasant, before we wandered deep into this subject we stopped and honored our biker oath (not to talk or comment about anything other than bikes) and kept on riding.

The city of jaisalmer was very welcoming, We met Mr Pathan who took us to a hotel nearby but when we reached the hotel he told us about desert camping, Our eyes widened with glimmer and we all agreed upon this 'desert camping' hoping it would be a night to remember.

We left the hotel and proceeded towards 'Sam' desert dunes which is 40 kms away from Jaisalmer, We reached there at around 4 in the evening, with the sun setting against the desert backdrop and sand dunes visible till the horizon, What a place to spend an evening!
Sam desert dunes
But the calmness of this exotic place was broken by small kids shouting "Beer chahiye bhaiya?", I think they were the kids of the nomads who live in this harsh environment, whom our government has totally ignored. Imagine a 8 year old selling beer! this was very saddening, even though we wanted to have a beer so badly after the ride, we restricted ourselves buying from them (which other tourists in the place did not).
Ship of the desert
I don't know who coined the term 'Ship of the desert' but ain't it true, This majestic animal feels right at home where we humans will die of thirst within a couple of days. Somehow we all wanted to go for a desert safari atop this animal hence we did, (It is not easy as it seems) as soon as it started moving Gopi started screaming  that his b**ls started hurting(ouchhh)  and the beasty animal started running for this (double whammy).



The sun sank slowly on this unforgiving land to reveal the true nature of it, by night this uninhabitable place turned into a melting pot of culture with traditional rajasthani music and dance, we picked up a couple of beers and retreated to our camp, me and Gowda sat outside the camp looking at the beautiful sky with stars shimmering to the tune of the music that was playing, Sipping on beer as the cold desert wind blew from Pakistan side ( it was just 50 kms away) which made us say that this day, this exact day, won't repeat itself in our lives again.

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