Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Great Indian Train Journey

I had heard about Rajdhani Express, all good things on how fast it was and that the whole train was air conditioned but none of these would to help me when I first stepped into this so called symbol of Indian Railways( But I have heard lately that they have changed this train and now it is state of the art) the toilets were so out of order with stench seeping into the bogies and unluckily we had got our seats booked in two different coaches but they were next to each other.

The train journey had begun and I, after eating some s**t which they gave us went to sleep in my upper berth ( obviously popping some cold tablets which would put me to sleep). Next morning I woke up to this horror called train, There was fart smell floating through the air with babies crying out loud and the old people chattering to glory. It was a very different story than what I had heard about Rajdhani Express, the pride of India, To make matters even worse the lady sitting below me had a baby and she occupied the whole seat( During day we should sit in these seats) and was not even humble enough to ask me, I did not make a big fuss out of it as I knew Indians were Indians.

So me and Gopi spent a lot of time together, sitting on the footboard while the door was open with the train bolting down the electric lines at over 120 km h, This was way better than sitting inside the coach with that god forsaken AC, Later we would go inside and I would pop a tab and sleep( and no, it was not sleeping tabs) so I spent most of the time sleeping than awake.

In between all this Tamasha,  an unfortunate guy got run over by our train in Madhya Pradesh I believe (couldn't make out where we were exactly) We don't know whether this was a suicide or an accident but one thing for sure we couldn't move for almost 3 hrs. Finally Railway Police cleared out the body and we were given the green signal.

The toilets were so dirty that I restrained myself from using them for the entire trip, God save my stomach.
Finally after 34 hours of this ordeal we got down at Hazrat Nizamuddin station with the sun shining brightly and sweat leaking thru our shirts, made our way out of the railway station and took a rickshaw(tuk tuk) to Gowda's place which was around 10 kms away, went home relaxed and unloaded the precious cargo which was stocked in my stomach for 3 days......What a relief !!

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