Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back to Basics

Odo reading: 3,800 kms

Today was the day, the day we thought would never come. We were ready to take on the last strip of road to reach Mysore but our hearts were not so willing. A cloud of gloom descended over us as we started our journey from Haveri somehow we all did not want to go home the last 10 days was more eventful than a entire year for most of us. This journey had created memories that were to be passed down to grandchildren in stories.
But the best part of the journey was about to begin as we took a sharp turn from the Bangalore Pune highway towards Shimoga. Our greatest fear had come true; the road was not just bad it was not present! , the 100 kms we travelled on this road would give us nightmares for the rest of our lives

I was riding in an upright position ( filthy minds please excuse) i.e standing on the foot rest which was soon followed by Gowda, the only poor bastard was Gopi who had to endure this rigorous punishment for almost two hours. We pulled up our bikes in Shimoga to have a healthy lunch and started from there Asap towards Mysore. The road between Shimoga and Mysore was a little better with potholes here and there. We traversed around Bhadravathi town and Chanrayapatna soon to encounter monsoon rain. The rain was quite heavy and made us park our bikes and take shelter, as we stood there under a tree we started to recall the amazing ride we had just accomplished, all things from desert to chai were discussed, we felt sad that this amazing journey would soon come to an end as we were fast approaching Mysore.

It was almost 6  in the evening when we arrived in Mysore, most of our friends were present to welcome us back to the city. We all met them had a chat and soon went to Vijay's house for a night filled with chatting and drinking. We told our lengthy story, of course with some masala added into it. We sipped our last drink and fell asleep thinking that we had achieved what others said was impossible. There was a small grin in all of our faces. 

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